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This will be a weekend event with veteran arriving on the evening of Oct 18th. Dinner will be provided. Veteran and their guides will hunt on Oct 19th, Logistics of the hunt will be planned by the veteran and their guide. On the evening of the 18th the veterans and the staff of CCO will go over details of what is expected and a few techniques which the veteran may benefit from to help them use the outdoors as a therapeutic coping skill and some techniques which may help benefit them on their harvest adventure. . After the evening hunt veterans and guides will meet back at base camp for an evening meal and socialization. If veteran did not harvest an animal on the Saturday hunt he or she may chose to hunt on Sunday morning before departure as Sunday is departure day. Transportation to and from base camp will be the responsibility of the veteran. Transportation to hunting property will be provided as well as hunting equipment. and license and permits ( if you are NOT an Ohio veteran you will be responsible for the difference in the cost of Ohio tags and permits v out of state tags and permits Ohio tags are 43 for hunting tag and deer permit so you will be responsible for anything above this cost if you are out of state) Veteran will agree to sign a release of liability if chosen, as well as agree to submit proof of service. There will be no personal weapons permitted on base camp or hunting properties and if chosen veteran will agree to surrender his or her personal weapon upon arrival or leave at home ( this if for the personal safety of all involved)

Arrangements have been made that if there is a harvest, the skull of the harvest will be hydrographic dipped free of charge, if a mount is wanted this will be at the expense of the veteran, but we can set you up with a taxidermist if needed.  We will offer processing for simple meat cuts. In the event the veteran harvest during the morning hunt, we will have staff available to take veteran fishing during afternoon hours if they like.

Deadline for applications is July 31, 2019, 

Honor Hunt

If you know of someone who may be interested and does not have online access, you may also print the form below and send it back to us!!!