Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.





Kelsey is married to Brandon, who is also a staff member. She has a stepson, Alex and she and Brandon also have a beautiful daughter Kinley Jo, they welcomed in 2018.. Kelsey enjoys the outdoors through hunting and fishing. Kelsey is a registered nurse and works on a cardiovascular intensive unit. She enjoys working with the public and can be described as a people person. When Kelsey is not at work or enjoying the outdoors, she is spending time with her family and her fur babies. 


Brandon has enjoyed the outdoors his entire life. He began hunting at the age of 5, and has harvested numerous animals since. He has been fortunate to have been able to hunt ( whitetail, bear, turkey, rabbits, and pheasants. Brandon works for AEP as well as having a taxidermy shop with his father, and helping out on the family farm.  Brandon is married to Kelsey and is the father to Alex and he and  Kelsey welcomed a new daughter , Kinley Jo in the fall of 2018. They hope to begin raising cattle and hogs in the next few years. Brandon also serves as the organization manager. 


Robin was born in Kentucky and raised in Ohio on a 75 acre farm. Robin grew up living off the land where she and her family planted big gardens, canned their food for the winter and hunted nearly anything they could. Robin learned to how to go fishing frog giggling, turtle juggin, and her family had their own beehives for honey as well as several fruit trees. Her father took her squirrel and rabbit hunting quite often, but growing up her favorite past time was fishing in their 2 ponds. Just like the song " Huntin', Fishin', Lovin' Everyday" That is the Life!!!! Robin is a NASP Basic Archery Instructor, USA Archery Level 2 Instructor, Meigs Archery Coach, member of Chester Bowhunters Club, IBO Association, WVA BowHunters, Association, Ohio 3D Group Inco, Archery Shooters Association and the WV Steam Engine Club.