Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.





Jay was born in WV and raised in Ohio where he grew up on his grandfathers 100 acre farm. Jay is a veteran of the Air Force where he enlisted right out of high school. He began hunting with his dad when he was 5 years old. He did a lot of rabbit and quirrel hunting and eventually progressed to deer. He did a lot of fishing and deer hunting with his mother as well as hunting for mushrooms and gensing. When Jay married his wife, RObin, she began sitting in the stands with him and now she hunts on her own. Jay now hunts with his 15 year old daughter, Easter, and gets more excited than she does when she harvests. Hunting and being in the outdoors has always been a part of Jay's life and he is certain it always will.  Jay is a NASP Basic Archery instructor, USA Archery level 2 Instructor, Meigs ARchery Coach, Involved with the Chester bowhunting club, IBO Associantion, WVA Bowhunters Association, Ohio 3D Group Inc, Arvhery Shooters Association and the WV Steam Engines Club. 


Felisha ( cowgirl_up1986)

Felisha was born and raised in Texas, and moved to Ohio in 2002 with her family. She was introduced to the outdoors by her grandfather when she was 16. She has two sons who also share her passion for the outdoors. Felisha and her boys enjoy scouting and hunting for whitetail, squirrel, fishing and camping. Felisha hopes to get into rabbit and turkey hunting as well and would love to one day do a safari hunt for Zebra as well as hit the western states for big game. Felisha and her outdoor adventrues can be found on IG at the name cowgirl_up1986

                                                                                             JD ( mopar_jeep)
 JD was born in Kentucky, but grew up in Ohio. JD's Mom was the first person to get him in the woods and to the lakes fishing, but it was his dad who taught  him to shoot a bow, a gun, and to learn to love and appreciate the outdoors. JD says that his Dad has been there for him since the beginning and his love for both his Dad and the outdoors continues to grow. Jd says his dad  was there when he shot he first deer, which happened to be on his birthday, and again when he took my second one. It was his dad who taught him how to ride quads, and  also stressed that if we do not plan on eating it then we should not be killing it, JD feels that hunting is not about the killing of an animal . but rather about harvesting, so he will only  harvest what he and his family will eat. JD  is engaged to a girl who is supportive of his love and passion for the outdoors and he is employed with a  local construction company You can follow his adventures on IG @mopar_jeep  

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